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With the rise and fall of worlds economies, the Kane Kogyo Co., Ltd. continuously persists in its traditional business philosophy, which is sensibility, vigor, confidence and creativeness, throughout all its 50 years development. At the same time, it does its best to solve customers problems by developing quality products and new technologies. For that reason, the Kane Kogyo Co., Ltd. has gained a great fame among most of its domestic and oversea customers.


At our Kane Kogyo Co., Ltd., we continuously develop new products and pursue the highest quality. The persevering characteristics made Kane Kogyo Co., Ltd. not only at home but also in the most oversea countries to increase its sales and delegating networks. Through the strongest sales servicing, the KKK brand valve products have very remarkable reputation in the field of designing in construction. The valve products of our Kane Kogyo Co., Ltd. not only endow with its high quality in any design of construction, but also pace with the change of time.


The growing history of Kane Kogyo Co., Ltd. represents the development of the field of valve. In the old economic age, the Kane Kogyo Co., Ltd. set up its leadership among traditional valve manufacturers. When entering the new economic age, it, in assisting many designs in construction, grew up quickly with the aim of highest quality and outstanding contribution to society.


We, at Kane Kogyo Co., Ltd., will continuously take up the servicing spirits by making customers worries our worries. Simultaneously we will further develop the global servicing field on the basis of over-all managing attitude.








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